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Revising My YouTube Channel

Good morning/afternoon/evening (whatever time of day it is where you are). Today I just want to throw out his intro video of me re-introducing Youtube (my personal channel) to everyone.

My goals are to hopefully provide some enlightenment, entertainment, and transparency into not only my business (Dutch Built Homes) but also a little about me personally.

The video below is just a simple intro, but there are a few bloopers at the end, enjoy!


just show up

Just Show Up

Image of my Father and I from Christmas 2013. He has been a big influence in me, but now he only has to show up for golf and martinis. I would dare to say, he never missed a day of work unless he or a close family member was hospitalized. Enjoy retirement Dad! You deserve it!

Sometimes that’s all you have to do. Show up.

Dare I say, people are just lazy? I blame the internet and Al Gore, since he invented the internet. It has made people lazy. And, while I admit to being a total addict, I just sleep less now to appease my addiction to the internet. Read More »

Keith before and after long hair

Life is a Winding Road – Storytelling Series

Image on left from Daytona just before partying back stage with the Georgia Satellites in early 2000’s, image on right from last month at seminar I gave on drop shipping. 

Life is full of winding roads we travel to get to our destinations. I typically travel them at full f*cking speed, sliding around the corners, catching air over the hills, and flipping into the ditches crashing hard.

I made a commitment to start a series this year that tells stories of different parts of my life, both good and bad. I have nothing to hide from. I have had some good successes along the way, and some major failures. Read More »

Blockade Runner in Wrightsville Beach sunset image by Keith Bloemendaal

Blockade Runner Wrightsville Beach Sunset

1/80sec ƒ/8.0 ISO200 30mm Nikon D3000

I was exiting the North Carolina Beach, Waterway, and Inlet Association (NCBIWA) meeting after a whole day of talking about inlet dredging and beach nourishment issues we have in this state, and as I walked out of the hotel, I saw this happening. I grabbed my camera and ran across the street to get a few shots. This was one of my favorites..

Carolina Beach sunrise photograph by Keith Bloemendaal

Carolina Beach Sunrise – Lifeguard Stand

1/20th sec ƒ/22 ISO 800 18mm Nikon D3000

This image was taken on January 9th, 2014 at the Scallop Ln public access, which happens to be across the street from my home. I have actually sat in this lifeguard stand many times watching the sunrise. I have also found people camped out in the stand when I arrived to see the sunrise, so I am not the only one that sees this as a good spot.
Read More »

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